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Farm Fresh Products

Pastured Eggs
Our ladies spend all day every day free ranging, scratching in the grass, eating bugs and walking through the grass. We like our chickens to act like chickens, they should be on grass, fertilizing and weeding for us.  They get all of our garden scraps and lay some of the best eggs you can find.
Hand Made Pickles
We offer a selection of hand made cucumber pickles.  We have a variety of pickles including Bread-n-Butter, Dill, Zesty (Hot), Horseradish and Refrigerator Pickles, Pickled Onions (Red and Yellow) and more.  All of the main veggies are grown in our market garden. We only use vegetables of the freshest, highest quality.  If it isn't good enough for our family it isn't good enough to go in our jars.
We like to focus on everything you need for an amazing salad, lettuce, assorted greens, tomatoes, carrots and radishes and much more.
All of our veggies are grown without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, we like to say that we are "beyond organic".
We rely on biological methods to control pests, keeping our produce super clean and super healthy.
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